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Qori Q’oncha Improved Cookstoves

About the project

The MICROSOL initiative, "Qori Q'oncha" aims to distribute improved cookstoves in Peru, which are constructed locally and emit less greenhouse gas emissions. These stoves provide better health, cheaper and more efficient solutions to families in rural regions, they also come equipped with a chimney to vent smoke outside of the house and reduce CO2 emissions and deforestation. The program has been recognized as a best solution by UNDP and awarded by Gold Standard PoA and PCIA for meeting social and behavior needs.

Main Environmental Benefits:

Reduced carbon emissions by nearly two million tonnes of CO2.

Main Social Benefits:

Enabled 141,407 families to gain access to these technologies.
A drastic reduction in smoke exposure in 100% of families thanks to the installation of a chimney.

Gold Standard




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